Trip the Light Dance & Performance Co

"Trip the Light Fantastic"

Trip the Light Dance and Performance Company's name originates from the expressions coined by John Milton, William Shakespeare and Procol Harum; to dance nimbly and lightly in an imaginative manner.  Trip the Light Dance Company was founded by Natalka Lewis in 2013.  Trip the Light Dance creates original dance and dance theatre work with the intention of blending multiple art mediums.  Trip the Light Dance works with a variety of artists and is committed to providing audiences with authentic experiences.  Using contemporary dance as a primary vehicle, Trip the Light Dance offers a refreshing glimpse of dance and performance art.  The company’s work is shown across North America in theatres, street festivals, corporate events and other various venues.

* Dance
* Choreographers
* Dance Teachers

* Living Statues
* Promotional Models
* Fashion Models


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